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xupnpd is a new pshare, use xupnpd

This program is a light DLNA Media Server which provides ContentDirectory:1 service
for sharing IPTV unicast streams over local area network (with 'udpxy' for multicast to HTTP unicast conversion).

The program shares UTF8-encoded M3U playlists with links over local area network as content of the directory.

You can watch HDTV broadcasts (multicast or unicast) and listen Internet Radio in IP network without transcoding.

Source code: https://github.com/clark15b/pshare

(Sony PlayStation3 as Set-top box)

PShare works in a OpenWRT and DD-WRT Linux devices.

Multicast IPTV without transcoding (pshare+udpxy) was tested with: USAGE: ./pshare [-v] [-l] [-i iface] [-u device_uuid] [-t mcast_ttl] [-p http_port] [-r www_root] [playlist]

-v- Turn on verbose output
-d- Turn on verbose output + debug messages
-l- Turn on loopback multicast transmission
-i- Multicast interface address or device name
-u- DLNA server UUID
-n- DLNA server friendly name
-t- Multicast datagrams time-to-live (TTL)
-p- TCP port for incoming HTTP connections
-r- WWW root directory (default: '/opt/share/pshare/www')
playlist- single file or directory with utf8-encoded *.m3u files (default: '/opt/share/pshare/playlists')

M3U8 playlist example:

#EXTINF:0,TV channel 1
#EXTINF:0,TV channel 2
#EXTINF:0,TV channel 3
#EXTINF:0,TV channel 4
#EXTINF:0,TV channel 5
#EXTINF:0,TV channel 4
#EXTINF:0,TV channel 6
#EXTINF:0,TV channel 7
#EXTINF:0,TV channel 8
#EXTINF:0,TV channel 9
#EXTINF:0,Radio channel 10
#EXTINF:0,Radio channel 11
#EXTINF:0,Radio channel 12
#EXTINF:0,Radio channel 13
#EXTINF:0,Radio channel 14

Try PS3Muxer for remux HD movies (MKV=>M2TS).

License: GPL
Copyright (C) 2011-2021 Anton Burdinuk
E-Mail: clark15b@gmail.com